Who is Lady K?

My name is Karen and I love to make quilts!  I love to look at quilting magazines, books, websites and how-to videos and try to apply what I have learned to my projects.  There are more misses then hits some days but I still end up with something I love.  I started sewing periodically when I was a little girl.  Mom would help us make clothes for our Cabbage Patch Kids, pajama pants and nightgowns for ourselves and Sis and I helped Mom make a quilt once.  Then I revisited my love for sewing when I bought my first sewing machine in 2002, an Elna 2003.  I didn’t know about rotary cutters and those tools yet so I cut out my fabric for a pattern I picked with scissors.  Yeah, I never made that quilt.  In 2003 I moved to Memphis with my now hubby and learned a ton at the local quilt shop.  I’ve been a occasional quilter over the years but have recently been bitten by the quilting bug big time so I think I’ll keep with it this time.

I can be reached at Lady Ks Craft Room at yahoo dot com.


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