Are YOU ready for some football?!?

Who’s ready for some football? This girl and her hubby! Oh, and Rocky! Yup, we are die hard Skins fans. Hubby and I grew up in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs of D.C., respectively, and no matter where we live, we bleed burgundy and gold. To help us get even more excited about the new NFL season, today I made Hubby his very own Redskins pillow.

I had ordered the fabric for this project last week when I received an email from letting me know that their NFL themed fabrics were on sale. I couldn’t resist! After the fabric finally arrived yesterday (their free shipping over $35 deal is great but the wait for it is soooo long) I got busy trying to figure out what pattern to use. I decided I wanted to use the Redskins fabric as the focus piece and the yellow and white as a frame. I love how it turned out! When it comes time to quilt, I rarely know what I’m going to do. Last month I bought a quilt guide for my walking foot and really like how I can quilt wider lines with it. This pillow came together very quickly and finished at twenty-one inch square. I used some more of the Redskins fabric for the envelope closure on the back.

Hubby got home an hour early today thanks to the Labor Day weekend, so I surprised him with his pillow and he loved it. Our beloved Redskins finished out the 2013 pre-season 4-0, RG3 was cleared to play in the regular season and Hubby has a Redskins pillow to punch, lay on and throw when needed. Hail To The Redskins!!

Do you make sports themed items for your home and family? If so, please share and if you have a flickr, Instagram or blog leave a link so we can all see it.


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  1. No sports going on in this house. I made my nephew a sports quilts but not a specific team related sport. (Basketball) I have a feeling my grandson will be needing a baseball quilt eventually since his uncle plays pro ball, however since I’ve known him he’s been on like 4 different teams. (Currently with the NY Mets I think.)

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