WIP Wednesday ~ Underground Railroad: Under Construction

Wednesday already?!  OMGoodness!  It’s been a cluster f*!k of a week in the craft room.  I’ve tested blocks for a magazine, worked on organizing some fabrics and then got back to work on my Underground Railroad Sampler.  Oh, and we took a field trip to San Simeon, CA to see the elephant seals at Elephant Seal Vista.  It’s breeding and birthing season for the seals.  Because of that, I don’t know what there were more of.  Seals or people who came to watch all the action.  We got to see some “action” and we weren’t disappointed, though we aren’t sure what exactly we were seeing.  We even took Rocky with us!  He definitely smelled the seals, but I don’t know that he knew what he was looking at.

Rocky @ Seal Vista

Birch fabric

On our way home we stopped in Paso Robles for lunch and I popped into Birch Fabrics aka www.FabricWorm.com. Whenever we go to Paso Robles I like to check out the FQ bundles that the staff puts together.  I had two in my hands that I loved but I narrowed it down to one since this Saturday I’m heading down to The Road To California Quilters Conference & Showcase in Ontario, CA with a friend of mine.  I can’t imagine what goodies are in store for us there!

I digress.  Underground Railroad!  The book for this sampler is by Quilt In A Day and the beloved Eleanore Burns.  I made the sampler already and am currently teaching it as a class at Quilter’s Quarters, where I work, here in Hanford.  The book provides instructions for both 6″ finished and 12″ finished blocks, as well as finishing suggestions/directions for large and sampler size quilts.  I chose to make the sampler size and have decided to make a second one with intentions of submitting it into a local quilt show, either this spring or next spring.

Underground Railroad Sampler

I have made six of the blocks so far.  Actually, I’ve made seven but I need to remake the “Monkey Wrench” because my points are non-existent.  I will be working on this today and through next week since I really want to get the blocks assembled.  Then I can decide what fabrics I want to use in the sashing, cornerstones, border and binding.  I already have a backing fabric in forest green and brown in a bold print.  I think I want to stay away from the black this time around just to be different.  I love the black though since it really frames the blocks.  I was looking at some blues and greens today that could work.

UR WIP 1.22

What are you working on today?  Tonight I’ll be teaching some awesome ladies in part 3 of the Underground Railroad Sampler class.

Be sure to check out what others WIP are this week.  Thanks to Lee @ Freshly Pieced for providing this great way to share with y’all!



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  1. Christa F says:

    Great post! I am so impressed with the gorgeous fabrics!!! Love reading about your work.

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