My dad has a PhD in Physics but I’m working on 8 in quilting!

PhD'sEight at least!  Sometimes I just have to make a pillow sham or try something I saw on Pinterest or a blog.  Does this sound familiar?  It’s really gotten out of control.  I try to create deadlines for myself.  Problem is, as I learn more and am more comfortable with different techniques, my “want to make” list grows and grows.  Do you have a PhD board or similar system?  If not, how do you keep track of the projects you have in the que or pipeline?  Or, are you one of those people with great self-control and you start and finish one project at a time?  Please share guidelines and advice you may have for those of us who get in too deep, and if you’re like me, (it’s okay if you are!), how do you stay organized?


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