Summer’s Birthday Present

Unfortunately I was not able to spend my BFF’s birthday with her this year.  Last year Hubby and I surprised Summer by setting up a surprise visit with her hubby and driving to North Carolina from DC for her birthday weekend.  This year Hubby and I moved to California a few weeks before her birthday so I thought a great birthday present would be a hand-made one.  I decided to make her a table/dresser/cabinet runner (could be used on any of these furniture pieces) and to use asian inspired fabrics in it.  We met a few years ago when we all lived in Okinawa, Japan and I wanted that time represented in the runner.  I designed the runner based on the size of the panels I used.  Below you can see pics of the runner as it was being made and then the finished product.  It turned out just the way I imagined it would!  Summer received her gift today and called with excitement and a huge thank you.  Happy belated birthday Summer!  I Luv Ya!!



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  1. Melinda says:

    Karen, that is absolutely beautiful! Nice job!

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