Personal Design Walls: They’re new to me!

I know that quilt shops that create their own sample quilts and offer classes on the premises have design walls.  QQ’s here in Hanford has a classroom where the walls are covered with a wonderful batting/felt fabric and students and staff can put up their designs and step back and see if things are working for the project or if things need adjusting.  Being new to the quilting/sewing blog world, I am discovering that so many of you have a design wall in your work space.  The ladies in my quilting guild have design walls.  So, now I have one too!  I ordered the Fons & Porter Design Wall and now I’m all set up. I love it!  The project you see on the “wall” is called GRAND CENTRAL and I think it’s going to be fabulous!

Do you have a design “wall”?


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