The Brave World Block (am I stupid?)

Being new to town, I have introduced myself to the local quilt shop, Quilter’s Quarters, and started taking a class with store instructor Kathryn Schaller.  We are making GRAND CENTRAL by Swirly Girl Designs.  I’ve completed my pinwheels and cut my border strips as well as the squares needed.  I will post pics after next Wednesday’s class.  It’s fairly easy but a ton of triangles are needed and that is always a pain.  I know about the “new” way to make half-square triangles, but of course I asked if I could apply that technique too late since I had already cut my fabric strips.  (I’m kinda surprising myself with my ‘shop talk’ knowledge as I type this.  Just thought I’d share.) Next time I need to make half-square triangles with say a charm pack, I will be using THIS technique!

The day after my first class at QQ’s I attended my first Common Threads Quilt Guild (CTQG) meeting.  I had been invited by Kathryn and a few other ladies at QQ’s and looked forward to meeting other quilters and learning some new tricks and techniques from them.  I helped Kathryn out with her Block of the Month (BOM) table and she introduced me to so many friendly ladies.  The CTQG’s BOM event is cool.  Kathryn selects a block for members to construct and provides instructions and a piece of fabric (for $0.50) to be the common theme in each block.  Members are to make a block using the fabric and fabric from their own stash.  At the next meeting members turn in their blocks for a ticket (you get multiple tickets if you bought multiple pieces of fabric and created multiple blocks) and have a chance to win all the blocks.  It’s such a great idea, and though I’m sure guilds do this all over the place, it’s new to me.

April’s BOM patter is BRAVE WORLD.  The fabric Kathryn selected is wicked cute and bright.  I bought four pieces of fabric and picked coordinating fabrics from my stash per the pattern’s instruction.  I thought I was all ready to roll!  I had all my fabric pressed and cut and then I started piecing the block together.  WHOA!  WTF just happened?  These pieces don’t fit!  Seriously.  Am I stupid?  I can not, for the life of me, figure this block out.  Have any of you made this block before?  Got any tips?  My trouble is when I try to create the A B A quadrant of the block.

It says to cut four 3″ squares out of my white fabric and then to cut four 3 3/8″ squares out of my orange fabric.  When I try to put that all together things don’t line up.  Are the measurements right?  I’m going to take my stuff to class next week and ask Kathryn but if you have any ideas before then, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!  Here’s one more picture of what is going on here.  You can see that when I sew the white and orange fabrics together and cut down the middle I get this rectangle of orange instead of a square.  Should the white square measure the same as the orange ones?  That would mean the instructions are incorrect.


~~ I stopped in QQ’s today and spoke with Kathryn about the BOM for Guild and she told me her listed measurements for the white and orange/pink squares was listed incorrectly on the instruction sheet.  They are supposed to be reversed!  So I will be assembling the correctly measured and cut pieces this weekend and sharing my work and outcome in a separate post. ~~

What are you working on this week?  Anything that has you stumped too?  Maybe someone reading this can help you or maybe I could throw in my two cents, though I don’t know if you want my help since I can’t even figure out this block. 😉

Happy Creating!


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